Exactoscale Wagon No. Plates

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Exactoscale Wagon No. Plates

Postby beachboy » Sun Feb 02, 2014 6:19 pm


Having a clear out with the memory banks.

I obtained from Bernard- still remembered - a lovely etch of a set of LSWR wagon No. plates.

I have managed to relate some of the nos. to those in the Southern wagons book.

However sometimes I cannot see the wood thru the trees, and only able to match c.50% of the plates to pic's.
I know Bernard was not a LSW modeler, so maybe another was the instigator of these plates, and may still have a record of the breakdown of the nos. to given wagon types. Hoping such person has not departed yet to a heavenly existence with the code.

Does anyone know please, of a source ?
There is always the possibility some are fictional. But I think not.

Layouts of the period I recall, were Meon, & Wanborough Camp, if that helps.

Thanks - Steve.

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