Brassmasters J94

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Re: Brassmasters J94

Postby hughesp87 » Wed Jun 19, 2019 5:21 pm

Thanks for that reassurance Gordon - I haven't got the guts to start again with it, so it will stay as it is!


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Re: Brassmasters J94

Postby Allan Goodwillie » Sat Jun 22, 2019 6:59 pm

Hi Jim,

I have bought J94 wheels recently from Alan Gibson. The first set I asked for replacements for the Hornby J94 which my son Dave has - they look pretty good, but have the unusual diameter of axle which Hornby use. :? The last time I bought another set from Alan Gibson, but forgot to ask for the usual diameter of axle 1/8th" as I was using another chassis by Comet under a NB models body kit and instead ended up with another set of ones suitable for the Hornby engine.

However I have reworked them at home and the chassis is now running. :( Bit of a problem, probably due to me not stipulating the correct axle diameter, what I don't know is whether Gibson has an 1/8" axle version on the list as the Hornby one does not even seem to be on the list (Unless there has been an update recently that I do not know about. I have two others going through the paint shop at the moment, but they have Mike Sharman wheels and I have only been updating them - one is an Airfix kit and another another cast kit from NB models - all four engines will make an interesting comparison in different liveries and chimneys etc. although none of them will stand scrutiny when seen alongside your own locomotive. :mrgreen:

Keep up the good work! You might fancy a trip on my new layout Scott's Road, when I get it out on the road next year. Spent today building a new carrying frame for the layout and have made it slightly too wide by 3/4". :o :shock: :? :!: Doh! Fortunately I have assembled it using bolts and wing nuts which will be replaced by rivets in the end, so I will be able to make the alteration needed. - just as well I tried to fit it into the car before doing any more to it! Will have another go at it tomorrow.

Allan :)

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Re: Brassmasters J94

Postby grovenor-2685 » Sat Jun 22, 2019 7:21 pm

AGs wheels have been in the catalogue for ages, I have both the conversion set and the normal 1/8* axle versions.
Conversion set catalogue page 27 item 4800/13, 1/8" axle page 7 item 4851N.
(page nos from the 2018 issue currently on the website for download).

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Allan Goodwillie
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Re: Brassmasters J94

Postby Allan Goodwillie » Sat Jun 22, 2019 7:47 pm

Once again thanks Keith, :thumb

not sure how I managed to miss this, they are a pretty good representation.


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