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Le Corbusier
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Re: Binding Gearbox

Postby Le Corbusier » Wed Feb 08, 2017 7:26 am

garethashenden wrote: It then occurred to me that I have heard the 1220 described as the worst motor Mashima make and this is a 1220. I have another North London locomotive project currently scattered around a box. It is fitted with a High Level RoadRunner+, also 54:1 but with a drive stretcher and, of interest here, a Mashima 1432 motor. Since the drive is the same on both gearboxes I was able to easily swap the motors and this produced a very smooth mechanism that I am quite happy with. viewtopic.php?f=128&t=5075

I would be very interested in any thoughts about the relative merits of different motors. I am currently running a 1220 on my Barney with a 40:1 gear. Are certain motors known to run less smoothly than others. Do people have preferences and why? Also are there any moves afoot with gearbox manufacturers regarding matching with alternative motors to Mashima?
Tim Lee

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Jol Wilkinson
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Re: Binding Gearbox

Postby Jol Wilkinson » Wed Feb 08, 2017 9:49 am

The EMGS do a very good set of data sheets on motors going back a long way. However, I don't think it (yet) includes any of the Mashima replacements being talked about elsewhere. These are mainly flat can three pole motors with different mounting hole locations. The motor mount/gearboxes currently available will need redesigning to mount them correctly although that may not be an issue for some builders. It also seems that most of these quite inexpensive 12v motors are from designs for other sorts of applications where single speed, fixed voltage operation is required. We have been fortunate that Mashima developed a range that seemed more geared to our needs.

I gear the motor for a max required scale speed at about 75% maximum off load r.p.m. and have found that the Mashima 1224 is a good motor for small locos, although that has only been with Pentroller or Modelex controllers. I have also stayed mainly with simple single stage LRM motor mounts and steel worm, brass final gear set ups.

Like wise the 1420 has given good results in an 0-8-0 goods loco (surprisingly because of it's higher off load speed rating than the others in 14xx range but it's the biggest I could fit). I've several other, larger Mashima motors in locos nearly finished and in kit boxes, but no "running" experience yet.

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Re: Binding Gearbox

Postby billbedford » Wed Feb 08, 2017 5:38 pm

In general the mashima 10 series are (were?) better motors than the equivalent 12 series as they were made with neodymium magnets
Bill Bedford
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Will L
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Re: Binding Gearbox

Postby Will L » Wed Feb 08, 2017 6:27 pm

billbedford wrote:In general the mashima 10 series are (were?) better motors than the equivalent 12 series as they were made with neodymium magnets

I've standardized on the 1024 which is quite powerful enough for most 4mm locos

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Tim V
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Re: Binding Gearbox

Postby Tim V » Thu Feb 09, 2017 7:53 am

Agree that the 10xx series are excellent motors. Small enough to get in anywhere.

Used a Canon 1833 in a large goods engine, but that's another story.
Tim V
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