Split axle LRM coal tank.

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Split axle LRM coal tank.

Postby sam.makins » Fri Feb 19, 2016 10:33 pm

Good evening all,

I'm back again after some more help / advise / ideas!

As most of you will know the LNWR coal tank is an 0-6-2 loco which uses a radial box for the rear axle. In model form I'm planning on using the LRM radial box with solid axle and insulated wheels, but this will require splitting across the frames between the rear driver and the trailing axle (behind the cab steps).

Has anyone got any suggestions how best to do this? Or any better ideas!

My current idea is to put a double thickness pcb spacer in the place where i want the cuts to be then cut through the frames into it, but i don't know if the lamination of the pcb will be strong enough.

I've attached a terrible paint drawing to try and help explain my idea!!

Thanks for any help :D


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