Cleaning and preparation

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Cleaning and preparation

Postby David B » Wed Jul 11, 2012 9:13 pm

There have been threads on this topic before - Ultrasonic Cleaning and Brass Preparation being two.

Agents frequently referred to have been Cillit Bang, Neutracon, vinegar, acid dip and Shiny Sinks together with a few others. I have used Shiny Sinks for a while, but always found that, however much rinsing and scrubbing one does, there is something left.

I was recommended to try Liquid Soda Crystals and must confess to being converted. I use it slightly differently to Shiny Sinks in that I put the model into a receptacle and squirt the stuff on, leaving it for a few minutes before topping up with warm water and leaving the lot for at least an hour, sometimes overnight. I gently brush various areas but generally leave it undisturbed. I pour the liquid off then rinse and flush thoroughly with running water. I use hot or at least warm water so that when I remove the model it is warm and this aids drying.

This seems to work very well on both brass & white metal without discolouring and by leaving it to soak, neutralises the acid flux.

Has anyone else used this product?


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