Oxfordshire / West Berkshire group meeting, 14th March

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Oxfordshire / West Berkshire group meeting, 14th March

Postby ianpenberth » Tue Mar 07, 2023 9:25 pm

At The Pendon Museum, High Street, Long Wittenham, OX14 4QD, on Tuesday 14th March from 19:30 onwards.

We ask for a contribution of £4 per head to cover the cost of the room, and teas and coffees. Other light refreshments are available to purchase.

All welcome at the meeting, whether local or just passing through. Feel free to bring along something you have built or are working on.
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Re: Oxfordshire / West Berkshire group meeting, 14th March

Postby martin goodall » Fri Mar 17, 2023 9:47 pm

At a well-attended meeting of OWBAG at Pendon Museum last Tuesday, 10 of us sat down around the table. I made the mistake of producing a notebook and pen, and was promptly asked to take a note of the meeting, but I omitted to ‘take the register’, so can’t quote all the names of those present. Nor is my note likely to be a complete record of what we discussed.

David A has built an NBR 6-wheel Brake Van (believed to have been built by the LNER just after the Grouping in 1923). This was an etched kit, assembled in one week (!) Painting took rather longer, comprising carefully applied layers of faded BR grey, followed by subtle weathering. This prompted a discussion on the use of an RSU compared with a soldering iron. There was a general consensus that the LRM RSU is the best on the market. Rob T strongly recommended the flux from DCC Concepts, which needs no cleaning up. Peter S suggested that to avoid the risk of ‘vaporising’ small components with the RSU, they can be soldered through another piece of metal.

David also showed us a Hornby 08 diesel shunter in course of conversion to P4. He used Fox chevron decals for the wasp stripes. When airbrushing body colour he followed the tip of misting on a thin coat to start with before spraying a heavier coat later. Copydex can be used for masking large areas, or newspaper can be used, sealed at the edges with Copydex (or alternatively with masking tape).

Stephen B showed a Lima Class 52 ‘Western’ diesel hydraulic fitted with two motors, and utilising a detailing pack from Pete Waterman. The model currently has finescale 00 wheels, which will be replaced by Ultrascale P4 wheels.

Peter S showed another example of an RTR wagon (by Rapido) sprung with Dave Bradwell units. The solebars had to be slightly thinned down to fit these units. There is a need to add plenty of weight. (Variation in the length of different manufacturers’ wagon axles was also noted.)

My apologies for a rather incomplete note.


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