Erection Mega Machine

Outside the fence.
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David B
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Erection Mega Machine

Postby David B » Wed Oct 28, 2015 10:56 am

Who fancies being the first to do this in P4? An amazing piece of kit.

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Re: Erection Mega Machine

Postby dal-t » Wed Oct 28, 2015 1:33 pm

Whew! Got really worried when I saw that thread title - thought I'd logged onto the wrong forum by mistake (we did have a power cut earlier, never sure what the iMac 'saves')! Bit more relieved (sic) now, but still concerned after watching the opening sequence - looked awfully like that deck-layer was going to just carry on and try to 'hop' the unbridged piers. A P4 static model should be pretty straightforward using the 'Leopold' rail gun kit (or just possibly the Morser Karl rail carrier), but making it fully functioning would be a lot more difficult. I imagine getting 4mm 'spotters' to ensure the extending legs sit properly on the ledge would be one of the hardest bits - oh no, I'm sure I didn't mean to say that ...
David L-T

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jon price
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more working detail on the Machine

Postby jon price » Wed Oct 28, 2015 2:13 pm shows that this thing is even more complex than the original video shows. It ca (must) move sideways as well.

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