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Postby JackBlack » Sat Nov 02, 2019 3:08 pm

Hi folks,

I thought maybe we could have a thread where people can post the different types of motors they're using for R/C.

I received a new batch from China yesterday after an exhaustive trawl through eBay a couple of weeks ago. I have been specifically looking for 4v-ish motors that have threaded fixing holes and shafts that can be fitted easily to High Level gearboxes (keeping things simple!).

This is my current batch, plus a Mashima 1015 for size comparison:


Going through them one by one...

Mabuchi Mini N10 eBay Link Here - 12mm x 12mm, M1.5 fixing holes, 8.5mm hole spacing, 1mm shaft - £1.04 each


Mabuchi Mini N30 eBay Link Here - 20mm x 12mm, M1.5 fixing holes, 8.5mm hole spacing, 1mm shaft - £1.04 each


Mabuchi FF050 eBay Link Here - 27mm x 15mm, M2 fixing holes, 10mm spacing, 1.5mm shaft - £1.66 each - these were the motors I had at Scaleforum.


And then these which I've not tried yet, a bit chunkier eBay Link Here - 18mm x 17mm, M2 fixing holes, 10mm holes spacing, 1.5mm shaft - £1.34 each


The N30 I'm particularly inpressed with, I'm currently building a Mitchell 45XX (there's a thread on this here too) which was fitted with the FF050, today I've replaced that with the N30, runs really nicely and much smaller footprint. I will update the other thread with a video later on.

These motors can be fitted to High Level gearboxes with minimal effort other than (if required) sleeving the shaft from 1mm to 1.5mm, and can then be connected directly to Deltang receivers, or presumably the new micro Protocab receiver. No need for voltage booster, can be powered straight from a 3.7V lipo battery.

Thanks, Nick

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