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Simple start

Postby zebedeesknees » Tue Nov 05, 2019 4:29 pm

Forget batteries for now, the idea is just to see if radio control is a viable option. Our locos already have pickups and generally, 12 volt motors. So I wanted to try to fit radio control to one to see how difficult it would be, and if it would be worth the effort.

My Bachmann diesels have very reliable pickups even after re-wheeling, so a Class 20 was volunteered.

I bought a DT transmitter (Tx) -22 kit and a receiver (Rx) -61 from DT or Deltang, now marketed by Micron Radio Control.

Fitting was easy, the realisation that polarity would be an issue was the only problem, apart from finding space. So a bridge rectifier was fitted to a piece of stripboard, and that mounted to the bonnet end of the Bachmann chassis. It turned out to be convenient to mount the Rx on the end, as shown in the pic. Wiring involved simply connecting the pickups to the AC input of the rectifier, and the motor to the outputs of the Rx. Since the pin spacing of the Rx is the same as that of the stripboard, and the connecting holes in the Rx are 'plated through', it was not necessary for trial to solder the connections to the Rx pcb, but slide it onto 0.7mm brass wire soldered onto the stripboard.

Voila! A radio controlled Class 20 for around £60. It works with DC on the track, and doesn't care which way round it is. It also works on DCC supplied track, so for those who have that, or wish to take a loco to a DCC fitted friend or club track, it still works from the Tx. The only thing it took me a while to get used to is that 'forward' is always forward, whichever way round the loco is placed. A promising start.


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