NNAG February meeting

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NNAG February meeting

Postby Lord Colnago » Wed Feb 14, 2018 3:28 pm

We had a very productive meeting this time around, discussing the final format for our proposed layout. Denis turned up with full size Templot plans in both a straight and elliptical format and much discussion was had. We opted for the elliptical format, despute the compromises involved for a number of reasons. It is much better suited to the space that's available to us and affords us the opportunity to have the layout permanently erected, once completed. The compromise that we will have to live with is that we will have to curve the track plan much more than it is on the prototype. We did take the plan outside, as it was a calm evening, laid it out and, when seen like that, the compromise doesn't look so bad. Temperatures precluded too much dwelling on the point! Whilst we wouldn't have had to do that in a straight format, the length, 5.4m. without the fiddle at either end, would have meant constant erection and dismantling at each meeting. It was also felt that a layout of such a length may not endear us to some exhibition managers. Denis will now go back to his computer and forward the necessary to allow Tim Horn to do his stuff and design the baseboards. It almost seems like progress! More next time.
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