NNAG January meeting

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NNAG January meeting

Postby Lord Colnago » Sat Jan 20, 2018 9:00 pm

Having missed the report on our December meeting I thought one on the January meeting might not go amiss. In December we had discussed layout ideas and it was agreed to give North Elmham, on the Dereham to Wells line, a go. This time around, Denis Perkins, our resident Templot expert, turned up with the track plan printed out to 1/3rd of its 4mm. size. Hope that makes sense. Seeing it laid out like that has given us an insight into where one or two problems might lay. Next time around, we'll have a look at the possible solutions. Nothing insurmountable so I'm optimistic that we will come up with a working solution.

We started the evening off with an interesting tutorial from Tony Brenchley on split axles, covering the various methods of manufacture, including that outlined recently by Tony in the Snooze. One or two of us were inspired to give it a go, myself included as pick-ups are well up there on my list of bete noirs.

Next meeting will be on 12th February and, no doubt, an update will follow.

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