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Re: Assorted NPCS

Postby Guy Rixon » Tue May 15, 2018 1:25 pm

The Y2 ex Geen/GWW kit got finished, apart from couplings and weathering.


The solution for the transfers was go get a Fox sheet of "Franklin Heavy 2mm" and apply the main legend letter by letter. This works, but the letters are slightly too large and some of the words are more cramped that on the full-size van. Close enough. One expensive sheet only has enough letters for one van, but two sheets will do three vans. I have one more Y2 in process and a Y1 that possibly has this legend but might have different lettering (photos needed).

The weight notations are from the HMRS pressfix sheet and even here the load notation is too large to fit the panel and has been split. I think it is printed with too much space between letters for this application.

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