LNER concrete platelayers hut

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LNER concrete platelayers hut

Postby Hardwicke » Mon May 06, 2013 2:49 pm

I bought a Roxey LNER hut ages ago at Scalefour South West and another 3 recently second-hand. They seemed like nice models. Originally I wanted to convert one to an LMS one being similar. There is one still standing at Hucknall. With the SYR/GCR/LNER/BR(ER) model: Kirkcliffe I had a need for an LNER one and indeed on my first attempt to reach the real location it is based on, the frame of one is still standing. No roof or sides mind you! There is another larger one between Checkerhouse/Chequerhouse and Retford and I was able to obtain a photo of it as I sped past one day on a local train (class 144 or 142).
HUT IMG_6328.jpg
HUT IMG_6328.jpg (71.49 KiB) Viewed 2168 times

I have two small Roxey ones and a larger one that was made partly from two kits. It was however badly built with the roof cut in the wrong place, leaving a gap in the eaves. The photo also showed that rather than having two concrete sections between the windows it should only have one (I've seen a photo of one in BRJ at Saxmundham with no section, so perhaps anything goes).

I've been full of cold for a week and now have additionally hurt my back with all heavy physical work on hold now, so the hut was looked at and dismantled - easy as it was lightly glued. After checking the photos I cut one panel from the front and one from the back and removed the end of one of the roof panels. The other having been removed before I obtained it. The first
photo shows cutting one of the panels and the second the front panel with window and roof, before I altered it (view of the interior of the roof)
HUT IMG_6696.jpg
HUT IMG_6696.jpg (93.7 KiB) Viewed 2168 times
HUT IMG_6693.jpg
HUT IMG_6693.jpg (66.73 KiB) Viewed 2168 times

I also stripped the paint as it was sprayed a dusty black all over. I've never seen one black. They are invariably concrete. I painted it briefly before I got to work chopping it, but then stripped it, so at the moment it is back to bare metal.
I saw more huts as I travelled to Norwich. It was pleasant to count the time intervals between remaining hits on the Thetford line the other week too. They are roughly one mile apart and many remain. They seemed to be invariably the smaller single window design. Sadly the signal boxes East of Thetford have gone now, along with the telegraph posts : one of the last lines to have them into this century. The trains still run as slowly as ever though.
I've given it a dry run assembly and am pleased with the progress.
HUT IMG_6697.jpg
HUT IMG_6697.jpg (73.26 KiB) Viewed 2168 times

I'm now at the stage of reassembling it but the lack of my Resistance Soldering Iron is hampering things. The cheap temperature controlled iron - (Maplins) has a very poor bit on it and I can't find the spares. It is simply useless for modelling. Back to the SRB type D perhaps?
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