Vectis at Watford


Vectis at Watford

Postby stevecarr » Sun Feb 23, 2014 7:51 pm

Alkham was invited to this years Watford Finescale Exhibition. It just so happened to be the worst of the winters weather weekend so the ferry could have been uncomfortable to say the least, but as it happened the 3.00 sailing found a calmer window in the violent gales we have been experiencing.

The M25 was the M25 and the heavy rain and the spray made the journey a test of driving nerve, but Ian handled it all with his usual calm approach to whatever slings and arrows were thrown at him. We were soon at the venue, meeting the third member of the team Dick Wyatt. Here I should mention that Chris was unable to come. He had to stay at home and do a Canute to keep encroaching water from crossing his threshold!

With the layout up and, as we thought running without problem, we escaped to the hotel after a fish and chip supper which hit the spot.

Next morning guess what? The main controller would not work. With the public hoards rapidly approaching we cobbled together a system using the fiddle yard controller which meant we could give a show to the paying guests!

After closing time and before the buffet kindly laid on for exhibitors was available, we managed to fix the main controller/panel. Some failed solder joints were the culprits - not surprising after the bouncing the layout had received in its custom built trailer!

Saturday evening found us in the hotel bar enjoying the company of the South Hants lads.

Sundays operating was a breeze after the traumas of the previous day and the layout received much well deserved praise.

All in all we had a great weekend. Mike Peascod et al made us all welcome and, complete with his team, deserve commendation for a job well done!

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