The NEFG is revived

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John H. Wright
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The NEFG is revived

Postby John H. Wright » Tue Jan 21, 2014 2:26 pm

Hello Boys,
For my sins I have now been charged with organising the North East Finescale Group again. So ..... am attempting to breathe new life back into its weary old carcase.

Thanks to Trevor Smith of the Blyth & Tyne MRS we've been able to arrange the following dates to enable the resumption of NEFG meetings:

Feb 2nd / April 6th / June 8th / Aug 10th / Oct 5th / Dec 7th ( please make a note in your brand new 2014 diaries )

These will be held at the clubrooms of the Blyth & Tyne MRS at Redpath House, 40 Saville St., N. Shields, NE30 1NT
For those of you who haven't been before, the clubrooms are directly above the Asda supermarket ( door on the LHS )
Please knock loudly as the doorbell is still, AFAIK, inoperative ( Eng. trans: knacked )
The dates have been changed to a Sunday and co-incide with the NMRABR sub div meetings ...... but as there only 3 of us who regularly attend these meetings there shouldn't be any problem with 'overcrowding' or whatever. It should be interesting to have the two groups together IMHO.
Times are roughly 12 noon to 3pm
Food: Asda is open if you wish to buy stuff. The Society has a microwave.
Drink: Tea / coffee / milk / sugar available. Bring your own booze if you wish.
Facilities: There is equipment for playing DVD's and Videos
A small charge is likely to be applied as the Society will have to pay rent this year. Trevor will advise on this.
Having these bi-monthly meetings does not stop any NEFG members who wish to do so from also arranging Friday evening meetings. But these would have to be at members' homes ......... as in bygone times.
Will send out a reminder nearer the date.
Any feedback welcome.

PS. I'd be grateful if the moderator could now include us back into the list of area groups, if possible.
John H. Wright
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Mark Tatlow
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Re: The NEFG is revived

Postby Mark Tatlow » Tue Jan 21, 2014 11:04 pm

Welcome back; I am sure that Mr Cockling will see this and add you back into the list of area groups.

If ever I can wangle a visit to the NE, I will try and coincide things with one of your meetings.
Mark Tatlow

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Re: The NEFG is revived

Postby dcockling » Wed Jan 22, 2014 1:02 am

Mark Tatlow wrote:Welcome back; I am sure that Mr Cockling will see this and add you back into the list of area groups.

He has and will be in touch John.

All the Best

Terry Bendall
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Re: The NEFG is revived

Postby Terry Bendall » Wed Jan 22, 2014 7:38 am

Good news John. I hope things go well.

Terry Bendall

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