MRJ 241 and autumn exhibitions

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MRJ 241 and autumn exhibitions

Postby nigelcliffe » Sat Sep 05, 2015 12:22 pm

Our layout article made it to MRJ-241 ahead of Scaleforum, thanks to Barry Norman for facilitating its production.

For the Coldfair Green team its going to be a busy autumn.

ScaleForum is our first trip outside Suffolk with the extended layout. A few cosmetic tweaks at last night's meeting, and hopefully it will all work when we unpack at Aylesbury in a couple of weeks time.

Following closely afterwards is Farnham and District MRC show in Aldershot, in early October. Another trip for the extended layout, with a different operating team.

After those two, we'll re-group, assess how things went, and look to the next developments on the layout.

- Nigel

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