DCC for Highbridge and Dartmouth

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DCC for Highbridge and Dartmouth

Postby Paul Townsend » Mon Dec 30, 2013 5:43 pm

When I initially converted my 33 year old Highbridge model to DCC about 3 years ago I examined many control stations and chose Roco MultiMaus as best suited to our wishlist and affordable.
I have no regrets about that decision.

For over 10 years I have admired the ZTC controllers but at conversion time was unwilling to pay the high prices required.

Possibly due to the planned release of ZTC 611 ( their MkIII in effect) several ZTC "MkI" type 511 and its cut-down "MKII" aka type 505 have been appearing on EBay.
Some are in new condition and fetch high prices similar to ZTC's list price.
Skilled and lucky EBay users can find bargains in near new condition.

A chum used me as advisor/consultant on the wisdom of buying ZTC off EBay.
SteamRaiser of this parish kindly lent his 511 for a week's trial just before Christmas. I had no experience of using these Master controllers so the demo was of mutual interest. I had already a walkabout ZTC 622 handheld used as a slave to MultiMaus and have been happy with it.

Yes I do know of the slagging off these controllers have received on RMWeb etc so went into this with eyes wide open. If you are aware of the limitations I consider the adverse strong messages unjustified.
We became convinced that the 505/511 meets my chum's needs and was so enthused that I wanted one too.
Santa quickly found two on EBay at the right prices for chum and me so Paypal did the biz.

So my chum and I are now ZTC owners and have the chance to pay for the upgrade to 611 due soon.

My ideal DCC controller would have the lovely panel of ZTC's design mated with the MultiMaus electronics.

Dartmouth may get that as combining the two products is within my skill set in theory. Meanwhile I await the 611 evaluation reports and fingers are crossed.

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