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Index to Tim V workbench

Postby Tim V » Sun Jul 23, 2023 4:44 pm

Page 1 Comet kit for a 45XX
Page 3 Pinning axles
Page 5 Split axles
page 6 Remotoring the Heljan Hymek
Page 7 High level flyshunter
Page 7 Bachman small prairie - converting the coupling rods
Page 8 Drilling consistent crank throws
Page 9 Pinning axles
Page 12 Making basebord joiners
Page 13 Making Dinghams work on DCC
Page 14 Digital calliprs on/off switch
Page 13 Bahman 3F repairs
Page 14 High level tender chassis
Page 14 Ivatt class 2
Page 16 Broad gauge experiments
Page 17 Hornby Pecket conversion
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