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Pinfold Street

Posted: Tue Sep 24, 2013 10:14 pm
by dave_long
Well I've spent quite a while deciding on what to do for this venture. I've thrown out several ideas because they didn't fit or were way too ambitious. I seem to have settled now, and as there has been nothing modern posted yet (well not steam) I thought this would be fitting.

The layout is based on the level crossing at Uttoxeter. There is the goods loops to the west and entrance to the goods yard on the eastside of the crossing. My setting for this is post 1981, as the old crossing gates and signalbox were replaced with a secondhand LMR type 15 and modern barriers, and its these that I hope will be the centrepiece of the layout in its standard gauge format. Its most definitely designed to become a larger layout with goods loop and yard on either side of the crossing.

The road is called Pinfold Street, the old box was called Pinfold crossing, so that was out and as the box was renamed Uttoxeter when the type 15 was opened. I wasn't keen on using that for this short view, so I've decided to go with Pinfold Street as a name for now at least.

sketchboard_2013_09_24_1303_36 by dave_long, on Flickr

This is just a quick proof of concept design done on sketch pad in templot. Which shows that there is a reasonably good amount of detail and trackwork. It will get tweaked quite a lot as I haven't calculated exact sizes of the road crossing, box and associated crew building ( of which none still exist and photos are thin on the ground ) yet, I'm hoping that I can narrow the distances between the turnouts and fit in slightly more of the loop and/or yard sidings.
My biggest challenge will be the working barriers.

A warning though as progress might be slow, a young family with stay at home Mum tends to not let the P4 credit card see the light of day too often, although there is a reasonable stock pile in house already, just need to find a way of getting a couple of Charlie's DC class 120 kits. Christmas might help that though.

I'm sure I'll need plenty of help along the way. Intro and waffle over with now I think.

Thanks for sticking with me....


Re: Pinfold Street

Posted: Wed Sep 25, 2013 2:33 am
by Ian Everett
This looks very interesting, especially as it will be able to grow into a larger layout as time permits. That was my ploy with Clecklewyke - first built when I was a widower with four youngsters to cope with - and not much time or money!

Keep us posted!


Re: Pinfold Street

Posted: Wed Sep 25, 2013 9:18 am
by dave_long
Thanks Ian
Its really a perfect line for my modelling interests (aside from ohle) as pretty much anything in BR blue went along the derby line.

The future can be seen in these photos,

West towards Stoke

Uttoxeter, 8E36 by Walnut Rede, on Flickr

Eastward towards Derby

Uttoxeter, 6Z40 by Walnut Rede, on Flickr

So there is plenty there to keep me occupied for quite a while.
The original idea was to spruce up the Bachmann type 15 box, until I realised that it wasn't the right size, so that's where my structure building will start. Handily there are a number of type 15 plans on flickr too!

My biggest step in to the unknown really is building flat bottom track. The track in my period was fb rail on wooden sleepers so the exactoscale track bases are out, so probably I'll end up using Colin Craig's offerings but will construct the turnouts myself as his kits are (Justifiably) quite expensive.


Re: Pinfold Street

Posted: Thu Sep 26, 2013 8:29 am
by iak
An interesting wee project Dave :thumb
I like the concept rather

Re: Pinfold Street

Posted: Fri Sep 27, 2013 6:21 am
by Terry Bendall
dave_long wrote:but will construct the turnouts myself as his kits are (Justifiably) quite expensive.

Yes they are quite expensive, but in my view well worth it. (and that is said with no connection with Colin other than as a satisfied custormer) As with the Exactoscale kits, everything is cut to size, the point blades are machined to shape and the vee is ready assembled. All the hard bits are done for you and because of this there is a much greater chance of success first time.

At Scaleforum you will be able to see finished examples of Colin's kits on Elcot Road and Bill Wilson will have some part built examples on the D&E Demo table so you can talk to those who have used them. There are a few subtle things abut the system that Colin has developed which make all the difference to the finished product such as etched pads to give the 1 in 20 inclination for plain track, but not of course in turnouts, and different sorts of rail fixings. Just the job if you want to get it all right. :)

Terry Bendall

Re: Pinfold Street

Posted: Fri Sep 27, 2013 7:45 am
by dave_long
Thanks Terry
I fully agree that Colin's kits are worth it. Its just I have a need for 4 fb turnouts and I can't justify that expense, I shall endeavour to use most of Colin's detailing items, and plan on using all the plain track items, I'll just file my own rails etc. I enjoy building turnouts anyway.

I was hoping to make scaleforum now its a few hours drive closer than Leatherhead was, but coming off nights is taking more of a toll than a few years ago.

Re: Pinfold Street

Posted: Tue Dec 24, 2013 10:06 am
by chris58
just to let you know i can sympathise with you regarding cost,but i found that the time spent and enjoyment more than made up for this.One of my major concerns has been a lack of confidence in my own ability to build things accurately but i realised that using the forum to find support and encouragement as persuaded me thatII P4 is the way to go.The class08 shunter has always figuered in my plans and i will try one next as you can pick them up fairly cheaply.Your track layout is very like one i am considering because the websites featuring small layouts are inspirational.I am particulerly pleased with the video o f a class03 and 08 shunting Boston docks that i found on you tube. So go for it and enjoy the ride.

Re: Pinfold Street

Posted: Tue Dec 24, 2013 12:17 pm
by dave_long
Hi Chris
Thanks for the kind words. I've actually just moved house so any modelling has been suspended until after Christmas. Money wise I've just been promoted as of this morning so an extra bit in the pay packet will start in Jan. Once the garage is sorted after moving, things will start picking up.

Doesn't help I model the darkside of US HO too.

I have no issues with track building and rolling stock, my issue is getting the scenery right, not so much the greenery but buildings and colours and the finesse bits that set p4 layouts apart. But I'm sure we'll both get where we want to in P4.

Merry Christmas to all