Queensbridge Road Wharf

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Re: Queensbridge Road Wharf

Postby Flymo748 » Tue May 01, 2018 6:51 pm

garethashenden wrote:
Noel wrote: Indeed; some idiosyncratic and interesting buildings, of significantly different vintages and styles. I presume that the small warehouses back onto the river?

The real small warehouses back onto Tower Bridge Road. They're not very interesting on that side, but the Horsleydown Lane side is more picturesque. On the layout there is an off scene road behind the backscene that these are on. I don't think they have any direct access to the goods yard.

I was going to a meeting in that vicinity this morning, so on the basis of your post I took a slight diversion...


Lovely day for taking pictures!

Beware of Trains - occasional modelling in progress!

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Allan Goodwillie
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Re: Queensbridge Road Wharf

Postby Allan Goodwillie » Wed May 02, 2018 9:15 am

Yes lovely buildings to model. The cranes all seem to be the simple type. We often had them on distilleries up here. I have a model of one on Dubbieside which was based on one which was at Cameron Bridge Distillery. - It was steam operated and had cylinders etc. attached to the outside wall. Unfortunately I never witnessed it in action.

Clearly the buildings are going to make a superb frame to the operation. It is good to add a few simpler buildings to the set up as it will give a change of tempo to the scene and keep it from looking over busy. You should have a lot of pleasure creating this scene, particularly if you enjoy making buildings. Looking forward to seeing this at a show sometime. Nice to see the North London being used as a starting point as well - a much neglected but interesting railway.

Allan :)

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