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Chairman's Cup (1979-1982)

Between 1979 and 1982 the Chairman's cup was awarded to an overall winner from a set of models judged the best in their categories. The categories were:

Models in the first four categories had to be scratchbuilt in this period, and partly built models in category six were not eligible to win the cup overall.

Year Class Class Winner Model
1979 1 Bernard Baker LSWR Adams Radial
2 Philip Millard
Cup winner
5 LNWR carriages
3 P A Jolly GWR fitted vans etc.
4 Mike Jolly Winchester Chesil Station building and Warminster footbridge
5 Ian Harrison GWR Autocoach from Mallard Kit
1980 1 Tony Miles GNR(I) 'S' Class
2 Tony Miles GNR(I)  K16 Buffet Car
3 Mike Jolly
Cup winner
GWR cattle and brake vans
4 John Hayes Bodmin Goods Shed
5 Gerry Beale GWR Dean Goods - Mallard Kit
1981 1 Bernard Baker
Cup winner
LSWR X2 4-4-0 #593
2 B Fleming/P Tatlow LNER Gresley Coaches
3 M D Goodwin Cambrian 2-plank wagons
4 R S Petter LNWR Wooden Station building
5 Ian Harrison GWR Horseboxes
6 Tony Wilkins Trackwork from Addison Rd.
1982 1 No entries  
2 Peter Tatlow
Cup winner
HR Post Office van
3 Not awarded  
4 Adrian Gray GWR Signalbox and footbridge
5 John Britton GWR Dean Goods
6 Stan Glass LMS 4F