Yorkshire (East) Area Group

The EYAG is a small, friendly group that currently meets once a week at the clubroom of the Hull Miniature Railway Society (HMRS). We have a group layout, Botanic Gardens, which is based on a former North Eastern Railway (NER) suburban station in west Hull that disappeared when the lines to Hornsea and Withernsea, and the low level line to Hull's Eastern Docks were closed in the 1960s. The track layout is relatively simple but the project combines plenty of buildings, varied traffic and a tramway. The period selected is circa 1914 to fit in with the pre-grouping interests of project members, although geographically only one of us is an NER aficionado, one other relevant allegiance being LYR (useful for excursion traffic).

Pictures and details of Botanic Gardens can be seen on RMWeb as well as the Botanic Gardens Blog

Additional members for the EYAG would be most welcome. Please contact the EYAG Co-ordinator via the Blue Sheet, or e-mail eyag at scalefour.org You will also be made most welcome at the HMRS clubrooms (see their website for directions) on a Monday or Thursday evening from 7:30 pm but please contact the EYAG Co-ordinator to ensure that a member of the group will be in attendance.

Botanic Gardens on RMWeb Botanic Gardens Blog


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