Norfolk & Suffolk Area Group

Our Group layout, 'Coldfair Green' The Norfolk & Suffolk S4 Area Group meets once a month on the third Friday, at each member's home in turn. Here we view and play with that member's layout, or work on our Group layout. Our Group layout, 'Coldfair Green', has been finished now for over two years, scenic wise, but we are still building dedicated stock for it. We also meet on the first Friday in the month for a 'work-in'; a time to devote to building something or just getting help from others. There are nine members of the group, not all P4 modellers; we have two EM modellers as well.

Coldfair Green was exhibited at Scalefour North in 2008 and at Scalefour Southwest in 2009.


Our Group layout, 'Coldfair Green' Two private layouts are under construction, models of Snape Maltings and Holmfirth (L&Y). Both are based on the prototypes. A much smaller DCC layout is also under construction to investigate the advantages, especially with wiring.

Another layout within the Group is John Watson's MSLR 'Kenton'. We get to operate these layouts whenever they go to exhibitions.

Anyone interested in joining the group contact Don Gilliland e-mail: norfolkandsuffolk at


Our Group layout, 'Coldfair Green' Our Group layout, 'Coldfair Green'

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