Manchester Area Group

The Manchester Area Group is based within the Manchester Model Railway Society whose headquarters are at Dean Hall, Sale, Manchester. Here the Group has access to excellent workshop and library facilities as well as the knowledge of a large number of very experienced modellers of numerous scales and gauges. A meeting is held every month with talks given on a wide range of railway subjects, both modelling and prototype.

Construction of Slattocks Junction The Group meets every Monday night where activities are focused on the construction of Slattocks Junction, an 18ft x 14ft oval layout based on the ex L&Y Manchester to Rochdale line around Castleton in the period 1955-65. Since the layout had its one and only public outing to Scalefour North in 2004 progress has been frustratingly slow which was first due mainly to business commitments forcing several members to be away from the layout for long periods of time. However this paled into insignificance when compared to unforeseen problems encountered with the track (see forum for details) which effectively forced the decision to completely relay the whole of the scenic boards and a large proportion of the fiddle yard. However, such a decision could never be taken in isolation and the decision was also made to revise the track plan, which has significantly improved the layout and given it a greater sense of purpose. Such changes could not be undertaken without amendments to the baseboards but these works have now all been completed. Track relaying is also well underway and it is hoped to have this fully operational soon.

The revised track plan has meant that much of the basic scenery already completed has had to be revised and a major push will be given in this area once tracklaying is complete. There is a lot of scenic work required on the layout and it is hoped this will be completed with fewer problems than encountered with the trackwork!!

There is always plenty of modelling to be undertaken away from the layout, not least the building of stock which will be required to run a full sequence. Members who are unable to travel to Dean Hall on a regular basis can still, therefore, make a valuable contribution.

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If anyone wishes to join us please contact Tony Williams, Manchester Area Group Organiser at manchester at or pop into Dean Hall on a Monday night and make yourself known.


locos at Slattocks Junction rolling stock at Slattocks Junction

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