Scalefour Society Logo

The Scalefour Society Logo is available here in vector and bitmap form, for usage as approved by the society. Please contact us for that approval. In general, please prefer using one of the vector forms, and resize it to the exact size you require. The exception is when you require a really tiny size (such as for a website icon), when the smallest bitmap has been specifically drawn to look good at that size.

All formats in one zip file.

Vector Formats

Bitmap Formats

Whilst working with the vector formats is generally preferred, sometimes only a bitmap is compatible with the available software. Please contact us if you'd like it in other formats or resolutions.


The shade of blue in the logo is currently recommended as Pantone 2727C. RGB 56, 143, 230 (in hex for the web: #388FE6   ) and CMYK 78, 44, 10, 0 are good close approximations.

Publication Style Guide

Members producing publications for the society may wish to refer to Digest 4.1, “Scalefour Style” (PDF). Of note from that guide, the preferred font used by our publications is Verdana.

40th Anniversary Logo

A zip file with PNG format high resolution press-ready versions of our 40th Anniversary Logo.